Children's Ministries

Parents, do you hesitate to bring your family to Mass because you're tired of "the battle?" Arming yourselves with bottles, cheerios and coloring books in the hope that your children will at least stay occupied long enough for you to maybe catch part of the homily? And that's only if you manage to win the battle at home, convincing your children that church is somewhere they want to go. Maybe we can help.

At St. Gabriel's, we don't want church to be a battle. We want it to be an experience in which all encounter Christ, at their own level, in a way in which they want to come back and do it again. From 6-months-old to Grade 4, we offer children's ministries during all of our Masses on Sunday, so that parents have a respite and can focus on worship, and children can praise and learn about Jesus in a way that gets them excited about church.


For little ones aged 6 months to 3 years, offered during all of our Sunday Masses at the St. John Campus. Don't be shy about asking a greeter, "Where's the nursery?!"

Nursery Volunteer Form


Once they've graduated from nursery, your little ones are ready for Sunday School. Offered for ages 3 – 5 during the 8:30am & 10:30am Masses. Contact Kathleen for details or to give her a heads-up, and she'll have a special welcome ready for you.

Children's Small Groups

During the 10:30am Mass, we offer a more robust ministry for children in grades 1-4. Children spend the entire Mass in our school building, praising God in song, listening to the weekly lesson, and applying what they've heard to their own lives.