Sharing Christ

Do you have the desire to share your faith with others but lack the confidence? Are you looking for support and guidance in applying some practical tips and methods to evangelize?

Sharing Christ is a seven-week course to train Catholics to share Jesus with others and invite them to become active members of the Church. The course focuses on personal or friendship evangelization, and how we share our relationship with Jesus with people in our day-to-day encounters. We will develop methods and actions to do this. But more than that, the goal is to develop an attitude of heart that moves us to be open to share the Good News we have experienced anytime and anywhere.

  • When: Seven Thursday Nights + 6:30-8:30 pm + April. 11 - May 23
  • Where: Social Hall
  • Who: Anyone and everyone interested!
  • Cost: None

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What people are saying about  the most significant thing that they learned/

experienced during Sharing Christ at St. Gabriel...

"I just need to plant the seed or water it and God will do the rest." 

"How easy & authentic evangelization can be and really the high urgency of our call to evangelize."

"I learned a lot from the videos, the individual work and the discussion with the parishioners at my table."

"It was the testimonials and then the follow up activity that I felt great joy and hope both internally and that it filled the entire room!! It was an electric, transformational moment that I did not expect. So powerful! Praise God!!

"That most Catholics experience some level of hesitancy towards evangelizing. It's not just me.

And if not hesitancy, a level of feeling unequipped to do the job. We are in this together."



Session 1: 4/11 - Called to Share Christ  

Session 2: 4/18 - Befriending Others

Session 3: 4/25 - Sharing Your Story

Session 4: 5/2 - The Power to Share Christ

Session 5: 5/9 - Presenting the Good News

Session 6: 5/16 - Inviting Others to Meet Jesus

Session 7: 5/23 - Put Out into the Deep for a Catch