Planning for Our Future

From Fr. Paul's Bulletin Message on March 19, 2023 - 

Last weekend I announced that we have entered into contract with a Christian school for the purchase of the Interlachen campus. I asked that we all be united in daily prayer for the intention of God’s blessing on this process, as we approach going from two campuses to one campus. After Mass, someone suggested to me that it would be helpful if I proposed a particular prayer for us to say each day. I agree, and I’d like to suggest a prayer that has special meaning for our parish.

Our patron saint, the Archangel Gabriel, is featured in two of the most popular Christian prayers of all time: the Hail Mary and the Angelus. It was Gabriel who greeted Mary with the words, “Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you.” It was Gabriel whom God chose from among all the other angels to announce to Mary that God planned for her to become the mother of the Messiah. And it was Gabriel who received Mary’s yes to God’s plan for her life (“Let it be done unto me according to your word”). I can think of no better prayer to unite in saying than the Angelus. It reminds us that (1) God has a beautiful and unique mission for each of our lives; (2) no matter what our particular mission is, it will require sacrifice; and (3) no matter how great the sacrifice, we will find far greater peace and joy and glory in saying yes to God’s plan.

Please join me in praying the Angelus daily for God’s blessing on our parish during this time of transition, challenge, and bright hope. St. Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us!

In Christ, Fr Paul

Click HERE to read the Relegation Decree from Archbishop Hebda, dated March 24, 2023. 



The 2022 Parish Annual Report is viewable at the links below. This report contains a complete update on  the consolidation to one campus. A paper copy of this report has been mailed to all registered parishioners.

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Reporte Parroquial Anual 2022


All of the input collected from the Parish Meetings in September 2021 has been used to create a Frequently Asked Questions forum addressing the questions raised at these meetings regarding the LRP Task Force’s recommendation to consolidate to the Mainstreet campus. 

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