Our Staff

Our staff is devoted to the parish, because they believe in our mission of growing the Church, and forming growing disciples. Their role is to help provide an environment in which members can grow in their love of Christ, and use their God-given gifts to help others do the same. And they do this with a smile; after all, what we have to share is "good news of great joy." (Luke 2:10)

  • Fr. Jim Liekhus, Pastor

    Fr. Liekhus has been pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel since it was formed in 2013, and pastor of the two parishes that merged to form St. Gabriel before that: St. John the Evangelist beginning in 2008, and St. Joseph beginning in 2011.  He is to blame for any cheekiness on this page, which the rest of the staff have learned to tolerate. Because they have to.


  • Deacon Francis Tangney

    Deacon Francis was ordained a Permanent Deacon in 1996. Following ordination, he was assigned to St Joseph's, and continues to serve St. Gabriel's. He and his wife, Alice, reach out to those in need, specifically through Families Moving Forward. He has the distinction of having the fullest head of hair among all the permanent deacons of the parish.


  • Deacon Darrel Branch

    Coming in second is Deacon Branch. He has been a deacon at St. Gabriel the Archangel since it was formed in 2013. He joined St. John the Evangelist in 1968, and was ordained a Permanent Deacon in 2004. He and his wife, Chris, have a heart for walking with those who need help, coordinating Loaves and Fishes at the St. Joseph campus, and facilitating support groups for couples who are grieving.


  • Lori Thul, Parish Business Administrator

    We are delighted to welcome Lori to the St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish Community! She was looking for a job with a little more stress, having grown bored with juggling flaming chainsaws on a pogo stick on a tightrope over a tank of sharks with chronic pink eye, so she applied here. We'll she if she can take it.


  • Sheila Przesmicki, Ministry Coordinator

    Sheila is not a real person, which is why there is a random photo here and she has an obviously made-up name. The staff insisted on having an imaginary friend, and Fr. Liekhus relented, so long as she passed a background check. We may be a little overworked here.


  • Mary Karen Keneally, Bookkeeper

    Mary Karen is our bookkeeper. And by "bookkeeper," we mean she edits the bulletin, oversees the cemetery, and maintains the sacramental records. You know, bookkeeping. Email>

  • Katie Schafer, Worship

    Katie is under the debatable impression that everyone can learn to sing. Whether or not that's true, you are welcome to make a joyful noise at St. Gabriel's!


  • Cindy Novak, Youth Formation

    Don't get Cindy started on the importance of sharing the faith with our children. Actually, do, it's a lot of fun to hear her passion.  


  • Kathleen Esh, Preschool

    And there's Kathleen, our distinguished 2014 St. John Paul II Champion for Life award winner. You will not meet a kinder teacher for your little ones.


  • Ricardo Torres, Custodian

    Last but not least, that's Ricardo. He's worked here for fifty years and has not aged a day. He can see you right now as you look at his photo. It's best if you move along.