Fifth Encounter/V Encuentro

We are participating in the national V Encuentro, in which we especially seek to encounter our Hispanic brothers and sisters, reaching out to them with the love of Christ, and being transformed ourselves through the encounter.

July 16 - Be Fertile Soil

July 9 - Mission Appeal

July 2 - We Encounter, Too

June 25 - Listen

June 18 - We Need Others

June 11 - We Are Relational

He is Risen!

April 16 - Easter

The Lord, your God, shall you worship

Prayer is a fundamental part of our life of discipleship, but what if we don't know how? Ever since the Fall of our first parents, we have had to learn to see God not with our eyes, but with the eyes of faith; to hear His voice not with our ears, but in the silence of our hearts. That's not always easy.  This series is all about prayer, and how God is calling us to take our next step in drawing close to Him through prayer.

April 2 - When the answer is "no"

March 26 - Open your eyes

March 19 - Let down your guard

March 12 - Listen

March 5 - Playing catch-up

Called to Something Greater

God did not create us to be mediocre. He created us in His divine image. Once we realize and accept the lofty calling He has for us, our life will never be the same.

Priorities - February 26

Be Perfect - February 19

Introduction - February 5

A Light to the Nations

God tells His people that He has greater plans for us than to just be His servants – He calls us to be a light to the nations so that all people will come to know and love Him. What is God’s expectation of us, His disciples? What are we called to be?

January 29 - The Answer

January 22 - The Call of the Baptized

January 15 - Introduction

Welcome Home

We all have an innate desire to be home – a place of welcome, a place of peace, a place of unity, a place of belonging. We do our best to prepare our physical home and our spiritual home for those who are coming, recognizing that what we all truly long for is the coming of Christ and our eternal home in heaven.

December 18 - Come with Love

December 11 - Be Ready to Engage

December 4 - Making Preparations

November 27 - Come in Peace

Entrusted With a Mission

As his final act before he ascended to the Father, Jesus gave us a mission: Go, and make disciples. As a parish, we engage in this mission through our worship, our education, our fellowship and our outreach to others. This series will center us on who we are as Church, who we are as disciples of Christ, and how we are called to support our mission.

November 20 - The Winning Team

November 13 - Stewardship

November 6 - Living Our Discipleship

October 30 - Why We're Here